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Rodgers’ Perfection

I have never made a perfect pocket knife - not once. Probably never will. I do hope to come close one day just “to get that feeling.” Anyone familiar with Rodgers' knife history has no doubt heard the following story before - as it’s been retold for over a century. Here's the story as told in the October, 1924 edition of The American Cutler:

Where am I going with this story you might ask? Well, in some ways I wrote this as a cautionary tale to myself (laughs). But on a more serious note, we should always be suspicious of man’s attempt at perfection. Our desire to order and perfect the world is as old as the world itself: (Genesis 3:5 - “...and ye shall be as Gods.), and each and every time it has failed - well - perfectly! So watch out for perfection - lest we all become like 'ol man Rodgers.


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