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Some of my favorite resources for getting started in exploring the rich history of traditional pocket knives

Getting Started:

Levine's Guide to Knives & their Values by Bernard Levine and Bud Lang

If you want a grounded understanding in knife patterns, history, etc, then start here!

The Standard Knife Collector's Guide by Roy Ritchie and Ron Stewart

American Pocket Knives A History of Schatt & Morgan and Queen Cutlery By David A. Krauss

David is a really nice guy and his book is an excellent read on one of my favorite old companies. Also, David's intro on knife history is a must read.

Fascinating Reads:

The below are all in the public domain

A Man of Samples - Something about the Men He Met "on the Road." by William H. Maher  · 1886

The Cutlery Trades An Historical Essay in the Economics of Small-scale Production by Godfrey Isaac Howard Lloyd · 1913


The Manufacture of Steel Containing the Practice and Principles of Working and Making Steel by Frederick OvermanA. A. Fesquet · 1873

Archaeology dig of the New York Knife Company by the University of the State of New York.  · 1999

This is a fascinating look at the survey and excavation of the grounds of this former powerhouse of a knife company. What was left behind will shock and astonish readers!

The American Cutler - Official Organ of the Cutlery Industry

US Trade mag from the early 1900s targeted to manufacturers, job shops, and retailers. Multiple bound years available


One of the best ways to piece together knife history - and maybe even test urban legends.

Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett and Co - One of the best hardware stores of our great-great grandfather's time! Famed hardware store based in Chicago and originator of the True Value brand. The below catalog PDF links are large downloads.

1891 Catalog

1909 Catalog

Web Resources:

Queen Cutlery History

Self-descriptive! This site has many good reads on both Queen and Schatt & Morgan with new content added frequently

Knife Magazine

Support a great magazine and writers. A digital subscription also gets you access to their lengthy magazine and book archive.

Great Eastern Cutlery

The World's best manufacturer of production pocket knives. You can get them from Austin!

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