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Q: How do I get a knife from you?

A: My books are currently closed to orders. Follow me on Instagram to see what I'm working on. Occasionally I get bored of working on orders and release a knife to my email subscribers. So be sure to subscribe!

Q: Do you make custom knives?

A: No. I make knives in traditional patterns with traditional handle materials - with the occasional Micarta thrown in because it's great handle material! I sometimes put a spin on a blade shape or length, but I am not a custom maker nor designer.

Q: What steels do you use?

A: I primarily use CPM-154, which is an all around great-performing, American-made stainless steel that has very desirable properties for pocket knives. I also use CTS-XHP and A2.

Q: How are your knives heat treated?

A: By my own two hands! I follow manufacture heat treat specifications for each steel. I do all of my heat treating and all blades are tested with a Rockwell Hardness tester to ensure target hardness and consistency.

Q: How do you sharpen your knives and at what angle?

A: I freehand sharpen my knives. The angle most likely is around 20 degrees per side.

Have more questions - reach out!

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